Uva Silent Widget Camera Pro 3.9.5


The photograph can be taken in silent by the Widget function.

Free has the following additional features compared.

Continuous shooting capability (CPU can be taken as if the frame of the movie fast machine.)
1.5x Zoom, 2.0 times Zoom
Timer Shooting (also a nice shot taken after 8 seconds indoors!)
Double-click on any button with ※ AF shooting
Transparency Function Button
Burst frequency can be set free

The camera function
Effects (such as mono or sepia and negative)
Shooting mode (day, night, sports, etc.)
White balance (sunny, cloudy, fluorescent, etc.)
(Some models will also be set or 使Enakatsu.)

Makurootofokasu built in AF. (Very close focus)
(Focus AF Macro button and slide please.)

Night Mode from the startup.
Create a folder for each date.

Is packed with features for enthusiasts who insist.
Because the effects are reflected in real-time video,
I know the atmosphere is good before the shooting.

But I take a shot in the dark with night mode ※.
Could use more! ? MAY.

Press and hold to delete and share photos in the gallery
Photo rotation, cropping, etc. are possible.
The gallery features so rich
Please try using various ways.

※ Free before purchasing thank you for purchasing from a tested version of love.
You everyone for your purchase. Thank you. I will VerUP used for new development and enthusiasm.

[Important] Ver 2.0.3 ■ Fixed potential to drain the battery sensors ■.
Sensitive to the Record button on the widget Moe ■ New ■. (Pro version of Night mode)

Ver 2.1.1 is now possible to flash the new features ■ ■. (Once you've enabled the menu can be used.) ※ Xperia tested only.

Akira Osamu Ver 2.1.3 SHARP Flash products.

Ver 2.2.0 Continuous Quality Improvement functions.
Slightly modified algorithm of shooting features.
Speed ​​continuous shooting speed is 1.5 times as fast as I was.
Since the CPU used in the shooting at full power,
Fast enough CPU power model is strong. (In 15 seconds, shooting 10 REGZA Xperia 40 seconds)
Using portable hard or start shooting immediately, please refrain.

Ver 2.2.1
Added setting to create a folder for each date.
(Number of people taking a great day shooting, etc. might be useful.)

Ver 2.2.3 preview display speed is improved.

Ver 2.2.4 Changes to the specification of widgets taken.
→ AF shooting with a double click.
Normal picture with a single click →.
Minor bug fix.

Ver2.4.0 response so far did not support the model (additional camera mode)
However, ■, models did not work when you first start ever is still a black screen, and will also get to change the camera type will work once the menu is not set. ■
· OS2.1 almost expect to run more models.
REGZA t-01c has been tested on a real machine.
Widget for vertical shooting.

Fixed Ver2.4.1 image stabilization assistance.
(OFF to be displayed even when. ON easing of conditions in the shake)
Bug fix that rarely happens when you start setting does not take effect.

Ver2.4.2 touch screen, the characters and coordinate the horizon, adding features hidden icons.
(Even when hidden 押Semasu Icon.)

Ver2.4.3 have things happen on startup, bug fixes display.
For the model does not correspond to the effect
Mono, Negative, ghost photography added. (Reflected after the shooting, however)

Ver2.4.4 implement widgets from the menu background transparency.

Such as bug fixes and Vailview Ver2.4.5 killed.

Recommended Ver3.0.0 ■ VerUP ■
Implemented to shoot preview widget.
Widgets easier to take photography very much.
The shooting is going to know better as the movie was shot.
(You can also hide the preview of the menu as usual.)

Burst count settings implemented. (You can specify any number of times. The default is 10)
Click to cancel shooting implemented during shooting. (The reaction is a little dull though. And then a click and roll is aware of fire can be started again after cancellation.)

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